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Ceremony provides participants with the opportunity to acknowledge significant events in a sacred way.

  • Fire Ceremony:  Generally done in coordination with the full or new moon, fire ceremony connects us to the rhythms of Mother Nature and to all of the elements.  It is a time for community to come together in a sacred way to honor Mother Earth and all living beings.  We call upon the fire to be a vehicle of rapid transformation, clearing the things we want to release and attracting those things we are calling into our lives.

  • Despacho Ceremony:  This ceremony provides a space and time for groups or individuals to create a Dispatch to Spirit (Despacho).  Different Despachos are created for different purposes.  In this ceremony, a mandala is created from natural items, i.e. flower petals, candies, seeds, nuts, grains, sugar, etc. representing all of the qualities and elements which support the intention for the Despacho.  The most important offering is the intention of the participants which is made manifest by blowing their prayers into kintus – individual prayer bundles made of three leaves and flower petals.   When complete, the mandala is wrapped up and burned in a fire ceremony so that all of the prayers and intentions will be carried rapidly to Spirit.

  • Ayni Despacho to bring peace and harmony.  This is a wonderful ceremony with which to honor Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Housewarmings.

  • Cutti Despacho for releasing heavy energy

  • Aya Despacho for honoring Loved Ones who have passed

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