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Movement Therapy


Movement Therapy creates a safe and inviting environment in which people connect to their bodies and breath through gentle movement.  The form of the movement is guided clearly enough to provide direction and security, with enough flexibility to meet each body where it is.  Participants’ attention is directed inward to the realm of feeling, creating a deeper and more holistic sense of self.

As self-awareness grows, there is an opportunity to clean house – to release that which no longer serves them and to become aware of what needs to be strengthened, softened, and stretched.  One learns where they can enlist their will and where they can surrender and develop trust.  Participants are empowered by a sense of being fully present in their bodies and gaining stability and balance.  They are reunited with and rejuvenated by vital life force energy.

Our thought patterns and self-concepts become our behavior patterns and actions.  The way we move in the world influences the form our bodies take.  Our bodies influence the way we move in the world.  Through a variety of therapeutic processes, old patterns – both physical and mental – are released, and a new self-concept and way of being emerges.  As body, mind, and spirit are united, a connection is made to the vital energy, inspiration, and creative flow that exists in all of us.


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