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Personal Healing

Private sessions will include one or more of the following healing processes:

  • Illumination clears and revitalizes the energy field and balances the chakras.

  • Cuya Reading gives insight on how to integrate the potential created through clearing the energy field of blocks and ineffective patterns of behavior

  • Extraction of crystalized and fluid energies further clears the field of anything that is feeding upon vital energy or causing limitation of movement (emotional and/or physical) of the participant

  • Soul Retrieval reunites the participant with a sense of wholeness and soul’s purpose that was lost due to a traumatic event and/or the trials and tribulations of one’s life path

  • Destiny Retrieval supports one to envision and embrace their highest destiny
    This work requires participants’ willingness to be reunited with their destiny, what they have come here to do in this lifetime.  Depending upon their life’s journey thus far, that may mean a profound change in outlook and lifestyle.  This is not a journey for the faint of heart.  It requires a true dedication to find the happiness and sense of purpose that is our birthright.


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